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My Career Sorter is a fun, exciting, and creative system that incorporates a series of tools to utilize on your journey to a satisfying and prosperous career. Our system was developed to provide the need for an all-in-one career discovery, research, and application portal. Let us help you find your perfect career today!

Click to see a more detailed view of the MCS Carerer Portal O*Net
Career Research Utilty Your MCS journey begins with a stimulating card sort that identifies your career cluster of interest based upon your activity choices. It then leads you through a concentrated research via access to the O*Net database where you will discover factual information about occupations in which you are interested. You will be able to peruse information about an occupation's common tasks, required training, recent salary ranges and much, much more.

Click to see a more detailed view of the MCS Carerer Portal Job Search Links page Once you have determined the occupation for which you wish to pursue, you will then be able to search for job openings with the job search links that we have conveniently provided within the MCS Portal. If at first you do not find the exact job opening you want, look for alternate jobs in the same career cluster in the MCS Career Portal. Then you can work in your interest field knowing there is a possibility for growth.

Click to see a more detailed view of the résumé builder Once you find a job opening for an occupation you are interested in pursuing, then you are ready to come back to the MCS Career Portal to work on your résumé and cover letter with our convenient, built-in builders! You can easily export your résumés and cover letters from the MCS Career Portal into three convenient formats:
Microsoft ® Word, HTML and ASCII Text.

Click to see a more detailed view of the MCS Carerer Portal Interview
Tips and Tricks After you have finished your résumé and cover letter, explore ways to enhance your interview skills through interactive preparation and successful interview technique videos! After the interview, come back to the MCS Career Portal and fill out and send a thank you letter to your interviewer!

In summary, the MCS Career Portal provides a unique, succinct, interactive, creative system of tools to assist you with your career search and help you to find a career that is perfect for you! Get started today!