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Image of a shopping cart full of boxes representing bulk licensing My Career Sorter's bulk licensing program presents an uncomplicated way for organizations, schools, universities and others to license with fantastic discounts to accommodate your students' or clients' need for an all-in-one career research portal.

Once licenses are purchased, students or clients will be able to access and use the program for one full year! There is no software to download or install. It's all included right in our convenient portal! All of their work can be completed on-line and printed upon completion. Also, instructors, counselors, or whomever is in charge of the program will be able to access additional information such as classroom activities, instructions for educational projects, and more in the form of downloadable e-manuals!

The "MCS Portal" is a great utility for career counselors, teachers and organizations to provide to their student and client populace to help them explore career clusters and pathways! Per license cost is as low as $15.00 per student or client!

Students as young as 14 years old can use this system to help them explore their future career possibilities!

Tiered discounts are available for purchases of more than 50 licenses.

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