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This refund policy was last updated on Thursday, August 4th, 2011 @ 7:11:08 pm.

This refund policy applies, in general, to you (hereafter know as the 'Member') and - a Diamond V LLC company (hereafter know as the 'Company') and the company's "MCS Portal" or "MCS Career Portal" (both nomenclatures hereafter known as the 'System').

General statement: Due to how our proprietary career sorting system functions, refunds will only be issued to those who have never accessed the system.

Conditions for refund requests:

The following defines the characteristics of a member account which, in order to be eligible for a refund, must fall within these conditions.

Applicability of refund policy for active member accounts:
Purchasing any member plan, be it for an individual or bulk license for the System, requires that a member:
  1. make payment in full and
  2. verify their e-mail address to activate their account
before access is granted to use the system. Upon initial login to the system, all members forfeit the right to request a refund for past, current, or subsequent payments.

Applicability of refund policy for inactive member accounts:
Member accounts that are inactive due to their Active Account Period expiring or not having verified their e-mail address will only be eligible for a refund if member has never logged into the System.

Applicability of refund policy for removed member accounts:
Member accounts that have been removed through the use of our Account Removal page will not be eligible for a refund as the database will not have the appropriate data to determine refund eligibility.

Member account verification by company:
This Company maintains a log of all member access to the system. These logs contain such information as member e-mail addresses, names, IP addresses, and timestamps. Usage of this information is defined in our Privacy Policy. The determination of whether access to the system has occurred is based off this information. This Company reserves the right to refuse refunds for any member account that may coincide with another member account that was registered from the same IP address or nearby locality within a 24-hour period.

Refund / return of funds method:
Refunds, if determined that a member is eligible for said refund, will only be returned via the same payment method that was utilized for the initial payment made with the exception of purchase orders which will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Notification of refund policy:
Notifications of this refund policy will be issued with the initial transaction of new member accounts. It is the member's responsibility to review this refund policy and adhere to its standards and any subsequent changes. Changes to this refund policy can be referenced on this page.

How to request a refund:

A member may request a refund, if their member account abides by all of the conditions herein, via the the form below. No other methods will be accepted by this company. If member account is deemed eligible for a refund, the amount of purchase will be refunded to the member IAW the "Refund / return of funds method" condition within 3 weeks from the time that company verification has been performed and approved. Notifications of refund approvals will be sent to the member e-mail address on file prior to the refund being issued.

NOTE: Refund requests for active member accounts will have their access to the MCS portal revoked during the refund process.

If, and when, a refund is issued, the account associated with the refund will be removed from the system.

Enter your MCS Career Portal username:

Enter your MCS Career Portal password:

Select the security question you used at signup:

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I agree to the refund conditions stated herein.